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Protect your feet and be comfortable and stylish at the same time with a great pair of Men’s Socks from Williams & Watkins. Follow a few rules when you buy your next pair of socks and you will get a great pair of socks that will make you feel good and look good. Nothing finishes off a great wardrobe like fashionable socks.

Tip 1: Buy the right sock for the occasion. Buy an athletic sock for your sporting activities and work out sessions. The
right athletic sock will help protect your feet form blisters and will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Tip 2: Pick a sock for your activity. Low cut socks are not typically the right footwear
solution for dress shoes and a formal dinner. Socks cut from ankle high length to over-the-calf are generally
considered the best choice for business and formal attire.

Tip 3: Yarns and raw material matter. A well formulated sock that is designed with the right materials will keep you active
and your feet all day long. Choose a sock made with nylon and spandex for “stay up” comfortable fit. Nylon and Acrylic yarns are important for durability and will make a longer lasting sock. Choose cotton for those occasions
when you will be active and need help keeping your feet dry due to physical activity.

Tip 4: Toe seams are a pain! One of the biggest complaints about socks is the uncomfortable and sometimes painful toe
seams that bunch up at the toes. A poor sock design with large, bulky toe seams can lead to skin irritations, foot
pain and a down right lousy day! Pay attention to foot seams, your feet will thank you.

Tip 5: Consider the heel. The heel area of a sock is usually one of the first areas heel worn through
of a sock to wear out. Thanks to heel “scrunching” – forcing your foot into a shoe
without undoing the laces or using a shoe horn – the heel fibers of a sock take a
beating. Look for socks with a reinforced heel area, they will last longer.

Tip 6: It’s all about the shoes. The shoes help make your sock choice easy. If you will be wearing athletic shoes, opt
for a heavier weight, cotton and spandex sock. A casual sock is typically a combination of cotton, nylon and or
spandex with some cushioning and moisture wicking capabilities. Socks for dress and formal attire tend to be
lighter weight made with man made fibers such as nylon, acrylics and spandex.

Tip 7: Be Stylish: The days of Plain Jane black and brown socks are over. Have some fun, be stylish, let your socks be
as much of a statement about you as your slacks and shirt.

Need help with your sock statement? Choose one of our eight style options at Williams & Watkins, we can help you amp up your sock style! Our six pair pack ups, come with a durable, attractive box that will help you organize and efficiently store your socks.


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